Overview introduction

Product description

Our window net is designed to ensure your home remains clean and free from insects, mosquitoes and lizards. The net is easily removable and can be opened using the provided Velcro or zip system.

We use Saint Gobain fiberglass which is durable and yet does not block the outside view at all. The net is unnoticeable from a distance of more than 2 feet.

We provide great customer service and unmatched quality unlike local shops that have unreliable quality and service.

Product highlights

  • The Velcro system ensures there is zero space for anything to enter your house
  • Saint Gobain fiberglass for complete see through view from your window, it’s magical and comes with unmatched durability and strength to last for years.
  • Easiest window nets to install. No drilling, no dust, no hasty error prone installation needed
  • Easy to maintain since our product does not have hinges or ball bearings unlike other non-Velcro based window net solutions

Why FreshBreeze Comparison

FreshBreeze Nets

Cleaner look and unobtrusive. Blends in with the room.

Velcro coupling means zero gap for insects and mosquitoes.

Easy 5 minute installation, no drilling, no mess, no dust.

Affordable due to central manufacturing and distribution.

Durable. No hinges or other cheap Chinese parts required.

Others – Sliding / Rolling Nets

Clunky window on window look and easy to notice.

Gaps allow for insects and mosquitoes to enter easily.

Installation is complex, often messy and unsatisfactory.

Expensive due to inefficient distribution & installation.

Poor quality hinges and plastic handles often stop working.

How it works

Measure your windows by following our simple guide or get our partner team to do it for an additional fee.

Place order with measurements on this website. Pay online or by COD. Get delivery in 2-4 days by FedEx.

Do the 5 minute simple installation! Or let our partner team do it too for an additional fee.


Fresh air & beautiful outdoor view

Without the insects, flies, lizards & dust. Sounds exciting, right?

Average window net costs
Rs. 440/- only


Choose buying option buy it now

Self Installation

Rs. 82 per sq.ft.


With Installation

Rs. 82 per sq.ft. + Labor charge (Rs. 20 per sq.ft.)



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