Objective: Improve lives of individuals, families and businesses by promoting and providing great quality window net solutions.



  • Improve quality and dependability on insect net solutions
  • Set an example of great quality online selling
  • Always be receptive of feedback and evolve as necessary
  • Choose long term customer satisfaction over short term company profits



We at FreshBreeze Nets are striving to provide dependable quality and service for simple products. We recognize this as an issue and sure you have too many times in your life. Dealing with laborers(electrician, plumber, etc.) is not the most fun to do, since the work quality, their skill set and their interest in doing work is always found missing. It is difficult to actually increase the quality of their work but we at Fresh Breeze believe we sometimes rely too much on them for small tasks. We think why not should we start doing small tasks in our home ourselves with our own hands. It’s always good to learn some new things and skills. Small tool kits are available online for very reasonable prices with lot of variety available. For small tasks the effort for calling a laborer, explaining him your requirement and details are not worth the effort as compared to being a little proactive and trying your hand at it yourself. Doing work for your own place of living will increase your appreciation and respect for it and give you immense satisfaction. Our product is based on the same thinking. Once the tailoring is done according to your requested size we ship it to you so that you can do the easy installation yourself without having to call a carpenter or a helper. Do it yourself and you will thank us later. We know sometimes you just are too busy and yes those situations you can and should employ a laborer no question about it.

Also we at FreshBreeze envision India to improve in quality and service of products available online. We do want to set a good example for other online sellers.

We at FreshBreeze Nets provide mosquito nets through our e-commerce portal. Our goal with these products is to ease and protect you from mosquitoes, dust and other insects. We truly understand what a headache these problems can have in your life. We have spent time researching effective methods, so you can surely trust us with confidence.

Our support team is available 24*7 to help and revert to every query of your’s regarding our product. Please use the Contact Us page for getting in touch for any feedback, comments or complaints.