Frequently Asked Questions

How to take measurements for ordering the FreshBreeze nets?

  • First, measure the window from inside to inside
  • Then, add 2.5 cm on all sides. In other words, add 5 cm to width and height both.  See example below for clarification.

For e.g. If your window measurement is 120 X 75 cm (inside to inside), you require a 125 X 80 cm FreshBreeze net.

The measurement part is really simple but there can be sometimes questions or concerns. Or sometimes just your window can be a little different. In that case please contact us. You can scroll down for contact details.

What is the installation process like? Is it difficult?

Installation process is not at all difficult, we have given special attention to keep it simple.

The package that you receive will have everything that you need for the installation. The installation generally takes around only 5 minutes per window. The installation steps are as follows. You will also get the installation instructions inside your package.

Installation steps:

  1. Find the base Velcro roll inside the package and keep the net aside. The  base Velcro roll is a special type of Velcro which has a sticky tape with a strong heat resistant adhesive on the other side for easy installation.
  2. Cut appropriate length for the top edge of window from the Velcro roll. Peel the white cover to expose the sticky side and stick the Velcro piece on the top window edge.
  3. Similarly, do it for the other remaining edges of the window.
  4. Now that you have your Velcro base attached on all sides you can fix the tailored net on it.

That’s all. Now you can open your window without worrying about dust, insects or lizards! Enjoy!


How do you manage to keep the prices low?

We at FreshBreeze employ various techniques to keep costs low for the actual customer.

  • Firstly we have industry partnerships for procuring raw materials. We buy straight from manufacturers in higher quantity to keep costs low.
  • We do not invest considerably in going to distributor, supplier and all those steps in between where the cost gets added. Instead we keep manufacturing centralized and ship the nets to the customer directly. The nets go from our manufacturing facility straight to customer’s hand via our elite courier partners like FedEx, DHL, etc.
  • We keep our product category lean and only deal with the product we truly believe in. Velcro nets we feel are perfect in terms of price, value, performance, maintainability and ease of installation.

These are just few techniques apart from many more. We are constantly working to be able to provide insect nets at great quality and at a affordable price.

I am not sure if these nets can fit on my window?

Usually most of windows can easily be fitted with FreshBreeze Nets. Please send us a picture via Whatsapp(07756968741) or email( and we can confirm.

It is possible that it may not be easy to fit nets on some windows. No windows are built the same.