FreshBreeze Window Net – Tailored For Your Size

115.00 82.00 per sq.ft.


  • Keeps mosquitoes, insects and dust away
  • Can be opened easily
  • Washable and low maintenance
  • Almost invisible net from 2 feet or more
  • Allows fresh air, light and clear outside view
  • Fits all types of windows frames (metallic/wooden)
  • Most reputed and affordable at the same time
  • Zipper provided for quick access to window for opening and closing
  • Hassle free 5 minute installation without mess or dust
  • Made with mesh from the international brand Saint Gobain for unmatched durability and quality
  • Unique mesh fiber glass refracts light to become less visible to provide you uninterrupted outside view
  • Tailored by expert & knowledgeable staff.
  • Fast delivery within 2 to 4 days by FedEx
  • After sales support and advantage of dealing with reputed brand
Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price

Product Description


Allow fresh air coming from windows without letting mosquitoes, dust or other insects ruin your comfort and health.

Just specify dimension of required nets and your customized best quality nets will be shipped to you via our selected top class shippers like BlueDart, Fedex or similar.

Super easy 5 minutes Do-it-yourself installation per window. You will only need a hammer and measuring tape, everything else required to install will be provided.

Ships within one day from our warehouse and product will reach in 3-4 business days at your place. FREE Shipping. Ships to cities all over India.

We only use top quality Saint Gobain nets, velcro and other mounting material.

30 day full refund return policy with original packing if you are not satisfied with the product.

Net color, quality and material are carefully chosen so as to give you a feeling of real open window without obstruction of air and visibility.

Take this small step today to safeguard yourself from dangerous diseases like Zika, Malaria, Chickungunya, Dengue, Yellow fever and other infections.

We currently do not sell our products on online marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart.

Studies have found that only a physical barrier is the most dependable and a safe solution against mosquitoes. All kinds of fancy sprays, and electric liquid diffuser are close to useless when it comes to your satisfaction and real peace of mind for the mosquito problem.

Customer feedback:

” I am so thankful I found this product since all my efforts to stop mosquitoes or kill have not been successful. But after installing the nets its hard to explain how relieved I feel. Also I was not too excited about adding a net, but the net is very nice it does not block the view or fresh air from coming in. Most of the time its not even noticeable that there is a net. This was worth every penny and more.” – Yash

” I recently moved to India from abroad and was feeling the dust and mosquito issue. After installing Fresh Breeze nets I can’t be more peaceful since the dust has reduced significantly and mosquitoes are zero. I have tried number of solutions to reduce dust even expensive air purifier but none worked as good as these nets at stopping dust.” – Rahul D.

” Great product. Easy installation, MUST HAVE.” – Priya Ambulkar

” I was impressed with the packaging and how safely it reached me. Great product something that works against these crazy mosquitoes. ” – Aayush Agarwal


What’s included:

  • Velcro Base – It is a Velcro Hook tape with adhesive back side. The base needs to be fixed to the window frame.
  • Velcro Net   It is a pre-tailored insect net of your requested size. It has the Velcro Loop side to attach the net to the Velcro Base.
  • Any other installation material as necessary
  • How to install guide
  • Your printed receipt