Self Installation

With the Self Installation option you yourself do the measuring and also installation once you receive the nets. Select this option only if you are comfortable doing such kind of work.

If you are up for it, just follow the simple steps below,


Step 1 – Measurement

  • First, measure the window from inside to inside
  • Then, add 2.5 cm on all sides. In other words, add 5 cm to width and height both.  See example below for clarification.

For e.g. If your window measurement is 120 X 75 cm (inside to inside), you require a 125 X 80 cm FreshBreeze net.

The measurement part is really simple, but there can be sometimes questions or concerns. Or sometimes your window can be a little different. In that case, please contact us. You can scroll down for contact details.


Step 2 – Ordering the nets online

Place an order for the nets to be tailored according to your measurements. They will reach you in 2 to 4 days through FedEx. All major payment methods and COD option available. NetBanking, Credit Card/Debit Card, or Cash On Delivery (COD) is available.

Order now



Step 3 – Installation

The package that you receive will have everything that you need for the installation. The installation generally takes around only 5 minutes per window. The installation steps are as follows. You will also get the installation instructions inside your package.

Installation steps:

  1. Find the base Velcro roll inside the package and keep the net aside. The base Velcro roll is a special type of Velcro which has a sticky tape with a strong heat resistant adhesive on the other side for easy installation.
  2. Cut an appropriate length for the top edge of window from the Velcro roll. Clean the window edge and ensure that it is fully dry before proceeding. Peel the white cover to expose the sticky side and stick the Velcro piece on the top window edge.
  3. Similarly, do it for the other remaining edges of the window.
  4. Now that you have your Velcro base attached on all sides you can fix the tailored net on it.

That’s all. Now you can open your window without worrying about dust, insects or lizards! Enjoy!


Self Installation Support – Contact Details

  • Live chat (use the chat widget at the bottom of your browser window)
  • Whatsapp/Phone: 07756968741
  • Email:

If you have a concern whether a net will be able to be fitted at all due to any reasons, we strongly recommend sending a picture of the window on Whatsapp or email and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.


Self Installation FAQ

Will this net work for my windows?

It is possible that it may not be easy to fit nets on some windows. No windows are built the same. If you have any such concerns we recommend sending a picture of the window on Whatsapp 07756968741 or email We will help you in figuring out if it is possible to install nets on your window.

There is a metal grill in between, will it be possible to attach this net?

If there is space for the Velcro base (2.5cm wide) to be attached it should be possible. Some cases we could find space above the grill and in some cases below the grill. Also as you might know Velcro is not rigid it is possible to bend and attach partially on two surfaces. We recommend sending a picture of the window on Whatsapp or email. You will receive a prompt response.

Can I change my mind later and ask for an installer from you?

Yes, it is possible. Get in touch with us and we will send our installation person. You can pay the installation charges of Rs. 20 per sqft to the installer directly.